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“ CariZMa have been proven to be literal business partners, visit this [and] they have always gone to the core of what needs to be done. We have always set high expectations for CariZMa and they have continuously gone above and beyond.  For that I salute CariZMa.”

— HR, Zain Kuwait, 2010

“CariZMa FZ LLC has the formula to take any Call Center to the next level with their expertise and ability to make it a business reality.  Their expertise is commendable, web with a passion of creating a new world contact center , sildenafil they understood every aspect of designing a world-class call center and translate that knowledge into detailed action plans.  CariZMa FZ LLC stands First Class.  In future we would definitely rehire CariZMa FZ LLC for any project which requires expertise [in customer interaction”

— Call Center Manager, Al Rajhi Bank, 2010

I am HIGHLY impressed at the caliber of your materials. I have seen numerous materials from many training companies, more about and yours is by far the most relevant and up to date

— Dr. Linda Orr, Director of the Fisher Institute for Professional Selling, at the University of Akron (Ohio, USA)

“One of the best courses that I attended.  I wish it for all our employees”

“من أفضل الدورات التي  حصلت عليها، أتمنى تدريبها لكل الموظفين “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” One of the best trainers I have met in my life – a very very distinguish individual”

” من أفضل المدربين الذين قابلتهم في حياتي، إنسان متميز جدا جدا “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” CariZMa changed my perception on training and development”

“كاريزما غيرت مفهومى تجاه التدريب و التطوير “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” Learning by ‘doing’ rather than ‘telling’ ”

“التعلم بمبدأ الفعل و ليس الحكى”

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” Excellent workshop…the trainer is the best in communicating knowledge ”

” ممتازة و المدرب هو الأفضل في توصيل المعلومة “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” CariZMa trainers are different ”

“مدربين كاريزما غير “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

” CariZMa approach is different ”

“أسلوب كاريزما غير “

— Trainee, Saudi Arabia – 2010

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