The First of its Kind for the MENA region

What is the International Call Center Certification?

  • CariZMa, the leading MENA customer experience company and The Call Center School, the US based premier call center education and learning company have teamed up to offer an international certificate for the industry
  • This program is the first certification of its kind in the MENA region

What is the Certification Methodology?

  • Our methodology is proven and scientific. We utilize the Contact Center Integration Model (CCIM).
  • The CCIM is built around bee hive components that are matched with the contact center’s business operation and provides a blueprint for the contact center delivery structure.
  • The Strategy represents the spearhead of CCIM which drives the 3 main business capabilities of People, Process and Technology
  • This certification process capitalizes on gaps in existing certification programs. It focuses on both qualitative and quantitative measurements through a weighted average balanced scorecard coupled with the experience of the accredited auditor performing the certification process.
  • This blended measurement approach and CCIM identify the degree of potential improvement and therefore require less time and investment than other approaches.

What Are Certification Steps?

  1. Stage 1 is based on a benchmarking survey which addresses the call center strategy articulation and all the supporting capabilities: People, Process and Technology (Benchmarking Stage)
  2. Stage 2 is the first organized visit onsite to analyze the survey findings and review all necessary documentation (Audit Stage)
  3. Stage 3 is gap analysis to identify the basket of improvement opportunities with the support of proprietary tools and kit sets (Roadmap Stage)
  4. The call center is expected to adopt 75% of these wins before final review and certification approval(Performance & Certification Stage)
  5. The certification process is expected to be executed over a 3-4 months period with an average of 3 onsite visits and remote support
  6. The Certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of Certification.

The CCIM Dimensions – what characteristics your call center should have?

  • Strategy
    • CC strategy clearly communicated with strategic Initiatives identified for at least 1year ahead
    • Communication approach and outsourcing options
  • People
    • Unbiased and mutli-phased competency based hiring approach
    • Availability of People Development Program with P&S refresher mechanism
    • Acceptable turnover rates, graduation path and compensation
  • Technology
    • Adoption of state-of-the-art business systems
    • Leverage of call routing architecture and RANs
    • Channel migration tactics and reporting
  • Process
    • Workforce Planning, management and forecasting models
    • Effective adoption of efficiency and effectiveness coupled with dynamic KPI integration
    • CRM: Customer feedback analysis and promotion tracking. Cross selling capabilities and workflow. Customer complaints managed for customer satisfaction and retention

What’s the bottom line?

  • Early mover advantage, hence your center can become one of the first certified in the region, if not the world
  • World class approach, underlined by onsite visits to close identified gaps
  • Value for money, less expensive than peer certificates and more comprehensive
  • International certificate is provided upon closing 75% of gaps.