CariZMa incorporates several proprietary tools, each designed to guide us through an objective improvement of your operation, your challenges and your opportunities. We provide consulting services such as:

  • Contact Centre diagnostics
  • Roadmap development
  • IVR Business design
  • Quality management
  • Operations organization
  • KPI Benchmarking
  • Capacity planning
  • Resource secondment

In the Relationship management domain, we provide consulting services related to:

  • Customer Service strategy development
  • Requirements definition
  • Technology solutions selection

Please have a detailed look at the following offerings:

  • Contact & Service Centre Diagnostic & Roadmap
    • Organization structure. Skills and staffing capacity. Applicable career path. Current productivity and quality measurements. High-level technological capabilities. Customer feedback process. Reporting mechanism (Who gets what and when). Current efficiency level (service level, ASA, abandoned rate). Facility design – centre layout, facilities, ergonomics, etc. Identify key opportunities for improvement. Define each opportunity, its priority, business benefits, costs, and time. Draw the roadmap for implementing the initiatives
  • Contact & Service Centre Strategy
    Contact & Service Centre Transformation Project Management
    Contact & Service Centre Business Operations Design

    • Customer service process improvements. Performance measurements & Scorecard (Quality & Productivity). Call monitoring approach & tools. Complaint tracking process. Site ergonomics. KPI Benchmarking . Queuing and Call distribution. Customer experience prior to speaking to a live agent: IVR call flow & Business design, Recorded announcements. Scripting for Agent-Customer’s dialogue
  • Contact & Service Centre Organization
    • Capacity planning (Staff & Trunk Capacity). Organization structure & Job descriptions. People motivation & Morale techniques. Hiring methodology (telephone interviewing, Assessment, Testing). Training planning. Performance appraisal process. Career path planning. Rewards and Incentives.