CariZMa assists service-focused companies to create and maintain high performing and efficient professionals, be it contact centres or branch face-to-face POS. We deliver a basket of programs focused on behavioural skills that is a fit for both delivery channels and we provide specialized Bi-Lingual (Arabic and/or English) training & coaching services customized to meet the needs of our clients. We also assist in improving the hiring and retention processes, with a focus on the organization structure in the sales divisions.

Our training & coaching is based on Accomplished Based Learning™ and Adults Learning Principles. Based on our experience, background and best practices, we have developed our own training methodology.

Our learning solutions model is unique as it is based on the concept of “Schools” that all people have to pass at specific points in their careers. In addition to the Schools, people go through specialized programs that cater to specific needs. This is achieved through classroom tutoring, in addition to coaching (“buddy training”).

The strength of our training programs stem from our experienced team and delivery in the Arabic language as well as the use of:

  • Our own Methodology
  • Our own Tutoring tools
  • Our Client testimonials
  • Our Support partners
  • Bi-Lingual Team:  All our instructors are bi-lingual thereby able to communicate the training content to our trainees whether they are fluent in English or Arabic.
  • Engaging yet Simple Methods:  “Slice of Life”  We deploy a proven and highly experiential competency-based techniques coupled with on-the-job coaching, all customized for each of our clients, coupled with international standard Pre- and Post-Employment Assessment Tools within Training Content (HRSG, HRDQ, PPI, TCCS)
  • Not only training but a full set of tools for the Customer-facing and Call Center workforce to standardize and fuse the customer experience