Customer-Contact.Institute is a USA-based organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals in the customer contact industry. They offer a comprehensive curriculum of training programs to fit the needs of all personnel in the customer contact industry, page including frontline staff, supervisors and team leaders, about it managers and directors, workforce planners, quality specialists, and industry vendors. CariZMa is exclusively certified to offer all the C-C.I training programs in the MENA region, in both Arabic and English.

The current evolution in the customer contact industry shows two dramatic shifts:  The first change is a move from the “Customer-Centric Experience” to a new “Customer Experience Management (CXM)” focal point. CXM enhances a company’s ability to compete. It impacts purchase, customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. Customer Contact Centers need to deliver compelling and engaging experiences that address the entire customer journey, understand how customers seek information, and strive to develop a customer experience strategy for each market.

The second change is the move from Multi-channel to Omnichannel. We know the customer has only one voice, but uses many channels. In order to respond to constantly evolving customer expectations, Customer Contact Centers need to provide experiences that go beyond channels, and move to using insight into their customer’s behavior to develop a personalized meaningful relationship. By using new applications and technology, and in exchange for customer information, data can be gathered online and from in-store purchases to create a customer experience built around value and convenience.

Customer-Contact.Institute is dedicated to helping Customer Contact Centers adapt to these new changes and complete the needed evolution. Our programs and services will help ensure the adoption of a complete Customer Contact Experience to improve customer satisfaction, customer experience, and customer loyalty across all contact channels.