HRSG, based in Canada, provides competency based talent management solutions that address challenges in human capital planning, performance improvement, retention and succession management. Clients frequently face challenges in understanding the performance capacity within their organization, formulating a plan to match organizational capacity to mission, engaging and retaining the right people, and sustaining the organization’s capacity to perform over time. HRSG can help clients meet those challenges with great success. HRSG tools helps our clients to overcome these challenges through:

  • Understanding and defining the talent needed versus available
  • Addressing skill deficiencies
  • Matching the talent to performance needs
  • Matching the right people with the right skills with the right jobs

HRSG’s i-SkillSuite® brings effective Competency-based Management to all employees. Built around a common competency architecture and dictionary, this innovative suite of web-enabled tools supports the strategic management of organizational talent, from pre-hire to retire.

i-SkillSuite® is truly a suite. Change the competencies and the job competency profiles are immediately updated. Changes to the profiles flow to all applications – e.g., competency assessments, learning management, succession planning, career development, etc. – to greatly simplify managing your talent. The modules are designed to work with your existing HR infrastructure, allowing you to leverage that investment through competency-based management.  Purchase only the modules you require.  Start small and add functionality and users as you need them.

The i-SkillSuite® Competency Dictionary