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The Customer Experience Activator – Designing Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Audience:
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Cost: 10,560 USD

An Advanced Program for Performance Coaching in an Omni-Channel Environment. 

The program will be conducted in Dubai, 1-5 July 2018 (5 days).

It aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.Grasp the call center rules engagement in this digital era

2.Formulate a customer experience business transformation roadmap (CXBTR)

3.Engage other departments in customer experience organizational commitment

4.Identify practical customer experience project initiatives

5.Deploy the winning attitude and technique towards achieving CX vision

The program outline:

A. The Digital Impact Foundation Setup

  • Recap – Digital Call Centers in an Omni-Channel Environment
  • Review and Discuss Assignment Findings*
  • The Customer Experience Qualification

B. The Customer Experience Organizational Commitment

  • The Customer Experience Organizational Commitment
  • The Customer Experience Roadmap Components
  • The Traditional Business Capabilities Gone Digital
  • The Framework of Customer Experience Business Transformation Roadmap

C. Customer Journey Simulation Mapping

  • The Customer Journey Flowchart within an Omni Call Center Environment
  • Identify Top Journeys in both Frequency and Fulfillment Duration (Al Elm cases)
  • Map real cases from Al Elm Call Center

D. Prioritization and Business Case

  • Where to play, How to Win
  • The Customer Experience Roadmap Project Initiatives
  • Design a Transformation Priority Matrix
  • Assigning KPIs to Roadmap Project Initiatives

E. Engaging the organization for CX Achievement

  • Engaging the Organizational Departments in Roadmap Sponsorship towards Customer Experience Vision Achievement (Applying CXBTR**)
  • Applying the Winning Attitude and Technique
  • The Reflections

  • Audience:
  • Duration:
  • Cost:

Course Dates

July 01, 2018 5 days Dubai English