Sales Skills Training in Region Goes World-Class As CariZMa Allies with US-Based Fisher Institute (University of Akron)

CariZMa, a renowned Dubai based business consultancy and training solutions provider, today announced a partnership with The University of Akron’s Fisher Institute for Professional Selling (Ohio, USA), one of the leading providers of sales-focused education in the US and Canada. The partnership will incorporate CariZMa regional experience and client base with The Fisher Institute’s teaching standards and techniques to provide state-of-the-art training programs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

Starting today, organizations in the MENA region will have access to the latest sales skills training programs. The Customer Centric Selling Skills program offers content and techniques reviewed, edited, and approved by The Fisher Institute. One of the focuses of this program is training customers on responding to the latest shifts in buyer behavior and consumer patterns. Under the partnership agreement, the Customer Centric Selling Skills program accreditation will carry the logos of both organizations.

What worked then, doesn’t work now, said Dr. Linda Orr, Director of The Fisher Institute for Professional Selling at the University of Akron (Ohio, USA). Today buyers are different from yesterday today buyers are the Shop-Around’ buyers. They are more educated, more analytical and expect more.

Established in 1992, The Fisher Institute is ranked #3 (Third) Professional Sales Program in the US and Canada. It is also one of only 13 certified professional sales programs in the world. The Fisher Institute is renowned for its outreach programs, applied research, and ultra-realistic personal selling simulation training.

Sales is a variable function, added Dr. Orr. Sales training has to be equally variable, its content constantly updated, its techniques presently relevant. CariZMa and The Fisher Institute share the same values of providing relevant content and employing state-of-the-art training methodology. We, at The Fisher Institute, are delighted to offer the MENA region our highly accredited teaching principles through a partner of CariZMa caliber.

Dr. Orr explained, At The Fisher Institute, we take partners selection seriously. After examining their training content and techniques, we knew that CariZMa is the partner we were looking for. CariZMa training content and techniques were, by far, superior to that we’ve seen from many other providers. Most sales training and consulting organizations that exist today simply do not understand the exact science of sales, and the tools and skills necessary to teach it. CariZMa does.

Adham Bahgat, Partner and CEO of CariZMa added We are proud of our partnership with one of the Top 3 sales programs in the US and Canada; it means we can further guarantee our clients world-class sales training. The last few years have brought unprecedented changes to the marketplace. Organizations today have to respond to faster economic shifts and more complex market variables. The sales rulebook has changed. This is why our sales skills training go beyond the conventional techniques. It combines expertise, continuously enhancing practices, and latest research findings to keep our training programs both market-sensitive and customer-aware.

With CariZMa customer centric, carefully designed sales programs our clients will gain deeper insight of buyer behavior and consumer patterns. We aim to get our clients ready for the age of the New Experts’ as Robert H Blooms put it in his latest book. Consumer habits have changed, and buyers are more frugal than before, added Mohamed ElSaadany, Partner and General Manager of CariZMa. Although challenging, the new patterns open a significant window of opportunity. With buyers constantly looking for the best value, organizations will have access to a wider audience. Only organizations with the right product and the right sales skills can capitalize on those opportunities.