The Fisher Institute for Professional Selling

Part of the University of Akron, in Ohio, USA, The Fisher Institute for Professional Selling was established in 1992. The Institute is ranked #3 Professional Sales Program in the US and Canada. It is one of only 13 certified professional sales programs in the world accredited by the University Sales Center Alliance and the Society for Sales and Marketing Training. For five consecutive years, the Princeton Review has rated the university graduate programs among the best.

Through seminars, outreach programs, applied research, and a variety of other activities, the Fisher Institute is shaping the next generation of sales professionals as well as promoting professional sales as a lifetime career choice. Its programs are based on the latest in sales performance research and learning methodology and offer hands-on real-world applications that deliver lasting results.

CariZMa has partnered with The Fisher Institute to offer sales training programs that are reviewed and edited based on the teaching principles at the Fisher Institute for Professional Selling.